How to be a Global Citizen

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Be the change in your community! This illustrated guide takes you through challenges the world is facing and how you and your kids can help overcome them.

Aspiring activists and young community leaders need information and tools to be responsible citizens and changemakers in their communities. This activism book is packed with content that will both educate and challenge young children aged 11+ years to make a difference.

How to be a Global Citizen covers topics such as politics and voting, how to be responsible with online communication, preventing unfair discrimination, and protecting our environment. You’ll find:

• Creative illustrations and clear text simplify challenging topics
• Advice for parents and teachers on explaining tricky social and environmental issues to children
• Steps to contribute to society at an individual level
• Features on inspirational young role models leading the charge on different causes around the world

Inspire youth with tales of their peers

Young people are leading movements around the world, influencing their communities, and illuminating issues that have plagued our societies for far too long. Each chapter of How to be a Global Citizen provides information and ideas on how children can have important conversations amongst friends, family, and the wider community to affect change.

Children are inspired by the stories of young leaders such as LGBTQ+ rights activist, Jazz Jennings, and environmentalist, Gretha Thunberg. And each of their stories serves to be an example of what it means to be a responsible citizen, how to make the world a better place, and how to care for our societies and environment.

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