Once upon a time, many years ago, in a leafy green village not far from Brussels, there was a small white house with painted yellow woodwork. In this house there lived a lady with three small children who loved books. They liked picture books and story books, poetry books and books of facts about the earth, the sky, the universe and everything in between. They liked books so much, and wanted to read more and more so the lady decided to open her very own bookshop in the front porch of her house.

As the children grew, so did the bookshop, until there was no more room in the porch. So the lady decided to make bookshelves that covered the walls of the basement. The books were moved into the new space, with room for cushions on the floor so that you could spend a whole day there, lost in a different world inside the covers of a book.

Then grown-ups wanted to share the books, and wanted their own selection of titles.  Soon, the bookshop grew too big for the rooms in the basement and the lady decided to move the shop to a building in a nearby village where there was more space for all the books, and a big red sofa to sink into while sitting and looking at the books. There were small chairs and cushions for smaller people, and a small red elephant, a white polar bear and cub. A small brown teddy bear moved in too.

The lady’s children grew up and moved to other countries and there were some grandchildren to go and visit, as well. The lady decided it was time for her to move on, and for somebody else to carry on the bookshop. A very tall gentleman, a lady with curly hair and glasses and a dark-haired, kind-hearted young woman from a far-away land, decided that they would like to be the guardians of the story and so, together with four friends, they started a new page in the history of the bookshop

In November 2008, the bookshelves were taken down and repainted. The big red sofa, the little red elephant, the polar bears and the small brown teddy and lots of books were moved into another house on the Brusselsesteenweg, in the middle of Tervuren.  The front of the shop was painted a cheerful blue and the inside was set up to look like a colourful toy-box filled with surprises for anyone who loves to read. 

The new Treasure Trove is waiting for you to come in and enjoy all that it has to offer. Come in and be a part of the story!