Friso Coppes

For a long time, although I have a distinguished background in the supermarket industry, I had had a sneaking desire to own a small attractive bookshop.  This dream came true when together with Kimete Basha and Leila Rasheed I took up the challenge to re-launch Treasure Trove in December 2008. Along with all the passionate members of the Treasure Trove team, I am determined to develop Treasure Trove into an icon of children’s bookshops and I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge!  I live in Tervuren with my wife and son. I speak Dutch, English, French and a bit of German.

Muriel Gazeau

Books are magic, a wealth of characters,  emotions and adventures. From Beatrix Potter to Agatha Christie, from Philip Pullman to Aragon, books have accompanied me throughout my life. Best of all, I have been able to share my love of literature and of the English language with my three children. Born in France and from an extended multicultural family, I completed my studies in Finance in France and the Netherlands and started my career in that sector. During this experience in France and Belgium, I enjoyed  training non financial people in finance so much that I wanted to further develop my supportive skills; I decided to retrain and began work as a teacher and coach, a profession I still practice and love. And now, at Treasure Trove, I can combine all my experiences and help others explore the wonderful world of books!

Jane Still

Perhaps because I was born into a family of dedicated librarians, I decided from a very early age that I really didn’t enjoy having to give books back! Thus began my search for the perfect bookshop!  In the time between, I studied French, travelled to dusty corners in far flung places, went into teaching where I had the opportunity (and privilege!) to explore the rapidly developing world of children’s literature. I have always tried to find the book to suit each child, whether a passionate or reluctant reader, and to give them the chance to discover all that a story has to offer. A move to Belgium, a busy family life with 5 children and a change of career to that of translator followed. Then I was given the chance to participate in children’s book selection panels for Belgian literary prizes, and to follow several courses in story-telling and literature for very young children. And now Treasure Trove has finally arrived - the perfect bookshop at last!